Uncanny Xmen Issue 435 – Frontrunner Comics

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Uncanny Xmen Issue #435 - Frontrunner Comics

Uncanny Xmen Issue #435

$ 325

The trial of Juggernaut 1 of 2

The She-Hulk and Jack White meet with Xavier and several of the X-Men in Vancouver to discuss the Juggernaut and his sentencing. Jack berates Xavier for all of the nonsense with Cain, before stating that he will try to get Cain extradited. In his holding cell, Juggernaut is freed when another inmate of the holding facility, the Rhino, escapes. Cain and the disorientated Rhino battle, until Cain defeats him. He has an opportunity to leave through an opening in the building that the Rhino made, but surrenders. Jack White decides that this could strengthen Cain’s case, and informs a Canadian official. She-Hulk and Cain get to know each other better before sleeping together, though they are about to be interrupted by a person approaching them – wearing Juggernaut’s armor.